A portrait session with Fremouw Photography is all about having fun in a relaxed atmosphere. There is no pressure, no saying “cheese,” no threats to smile at the camera. We offer a limited number of sessions. This allows us to take as much time as we need to make sure your child can relax and we can capture memorable photographs.

Please make sure your child is well rested and fed before the session. If your child becomes sick, please call and we will reschedule your appointment at no extra cost. Do not schedule a session during your child's normal nap time or at a time when your child might be tired or overstimulated.

Prior to your scheduled photo session, Livia might contact you to discuss in detail what kind of portraits you would like to capture. At that time, we will also decide on the location for your photo session, which can be your home or a location of your choice or both.

Color-coordinated outfits are the best choice (please note, we didn't say matching :-). Think of your family as one outfit, where the "shirt" goes with the "pants" that go with the "socks..." but they don't necessarily match. They complement each other. Simple, solid-colored tops and bottoms such as jeans and khakis are always an easy and safe choice, although we find that they lack interest and tend to create a uniform look that doesn't show the "character" of your family. We suggest being a bit more creative than jeans or khakis and white tops.

Layers, such as vests and sweaters, and textures (think knitted, cords, or denim) lend an interesting and modern look. Hats help to frame the face, bring attention to the eyes and complement the clothing. Depending on the location, kicking off your shoes creates nice, relaxed portraits. When kicking off shoes is not an option, please wear shoes that complement your outfits. If you need more guidance or ideas, please call us.

Please avoid clothing with characters, logos, too many colors, and large or busy patterns.

All clothing has to be comfortable. Scratchy clothes make children uncomfortable which will reflect in their photographs.

For babies, have a diaper cover and blankets ready.

Jewelry should be minimal.

Avoid wearing watches.

You are encouraged to include your child's favorite toy, blanket, doll or other significant objects in the portraits.

A session can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. You and your child will never be rushed. There will be plenty of time to take a break. When photographing babies and small children, it is most important to keep them comfortable and happy. Nursing or a snack break will be encouraged throughout the photo shoot. Please keep in mind that a successful newborn session might last as long as three hours.

Parents are welcome to step back and let the children interact with Livia. During our years of working with children, we have found that encouraging positive behavior works much better than threats and bribes. Please set realistic expectations for your children.

No cameras, camcorders or other recording devices may be used at a photo session. Using your own recording device will result in an immediate termination of the session.

Approximately 1-1/2 to 2 weeks after your session, we will contact you and present you with about 25 to 30 finished and touched-up images in an online  gallery. The private, password-protected gallery will be viewable for 14 days. If you need access to the gallery after the two-week period has expired, there will be a $30 republishing fee. When ordering prints, payment must be made in full at the time of order placement. A 10% discount is automatically applied to all orders placed in the first seven days of publishing the gallery.

Your portraits will be ready in 2-3 weeks after placing your order. Canvas prints, collages and cards might take additional time to complete.

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